Avian Haven Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center
Avian Haven

Avian Haven was incorporated as a nonprofit organization by Marc Payne and Diane Winn in February, 1999. Since that time, our annual case load has increased from about 300 to about 2,000, making us one of the largest rehabilitation practices in New England. All told to date, nearly 15,000 birds from more than 100 species have been treated at Avian Haven. Diane and Marc remain the managers and core of the year-round staff.

Avian Haven has indoor infirmary space that includes a full kitchen, food supplies to meet the dietary needs of all avian species of all ages, incubators, hospital and recovery cages, two flight cages, veterinary equipment, a reference library, and a full complement of allopathic, naturopathic and homeopathic medical supplies. Outdoors, fifteen buildings, some of them comprising multiple flight cages, provide pre-release conditioning for a variety of species ranging in size from Hummingbirds to Bald Eagles and including aquatic birds such as Common Loons and pelagic species. We treat wild birds that are orphaned and/or injured, with on-site capabilities for minor veterinary procedures including x-rays; birds that require surgery are taken to a consulting veterinarian. We are not licensed to treat companion or domestic birds.

We have permits issued by the State of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to rehabilitate wild birds (including endangered species). Our facilities are open during the daylight hours, 365 days a year. We accept birds of all species from the general public, and via referrals from veterinarians, Maine Wildlife Biologists, Maine Game Wardens, Animal Control Officers, and other Maine rehabilitators. We are not a nature center or a zoo; all of our birds are being prepared for release to the wild and thus are required by our permit conditions to have minimal contact with humans. Avian Haven is open for the public, but not to the public; we are not able to accommodate tour groups or photographers.

Avian Haven is not funded by any governmental agencies; our operating expenses are covered by private donations and foundation grants. We provide treatment free of charge to birds' rescuers, but are always grateful for small cash gifts to help cover food and medical costs. Larger gifts to help fund equipment and flight-conditioning cages are most welcome. Avian Haven is a non-profit corporation, so both monetary contributions and donations of goods are tax-deductible. For more information, see the many ways to support Avian Haven. We welcome volunteers from the community to work on site and/or transport birds to us from surrounding communities. All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

With a mission that includes research and education as well as rehabilitation per se, Marc and Diane have given numerous workshops and presentations at state, regional and national conferences, and we sponsor internships for college students during the summer season.

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